9 hours of coverage

9 hours of coverage


Wedding day coverage:

9 hours coverage

2 photographers.

1 assistant

Delivery of all photos in high resolution.

Sending online private photo gallery through our website.


    We have various options to set the date of the wedding.

    Option 1: You can separate the wedding date with 50% of the totality when signing the contract and the remaining 50% is canceled 90 days after signing the wedding contract.

    Option 2: To set aside the date of your wedding you must make a payment of 40% of the chosen package, a second payment of 40% 90 days after signing the contract and the remaining 20% ​​must be paid 30 days before the wedding.

    Option 3 (Popular): Payment of the entire package in cash. Doing it this way offers a benefit or gift to the customer (you must choose an option): 1 extra hour in coverage on the wedding day. Postwedding photo shoot valued at $ 550



    Payments can be made as follows:

    1. Wire Transfer:
    Banco General
    Jose Saenz
    Cuenta de ahorros

    2. Western Union



    1. Plane Tickets: The plane tickets of the team of photographers are paid by the client, you can send the money through PayPal or bank transfer so that you can make the purchase of the air ticket. (If you have any other suggestion method do not hesitate to write to us). For the Saenz Photo team, the commitment that the details of each wedding entail is important and that is why we recommend making reservations for 1 to 4 days before the wedding in order to avoid setbacks of arrival.
    2. Lodging:

      Option 1: The client can make the hotel reservation directly and send us by mail the reservation number, link to the website where the reservation was made.

      Option 2: The Saenz Photo team can take care of the reservation, you only have to send the money through Paypal, you will receive the link on the page with the amount to pay.